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Earthquake in central Italy

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 (Richter) struck central Italy (in particular the Regions of Lazio, Marche and Umbria) at 3.36am of August 24, 2016.

Over 2,000 minor shocks were registered since Wednesday.

The most heavily affected towns are Accumuli, Amatrice and Pescara del Tronto, with a provisional death toll of 290. Families were torn apart, hundreds of people were wounded and 2,500 displaced.

The abovementioned towns (Amatrice in particular) were almost totally destroyed by the earthquake; hundreds of families have lost all their properties.

Saturday August 27 was declared day of national mourning.

Rescue operations kicked-off immediately after the major shock. Also thanks to the solidarity of the Italian people who donated millions of Euros, hundreds of lives were saved and all wounded/displaced were assisted.
The Government is now preparing for the reconstrucion phase.

Italy warmly thanks foreign Authorities and people who have shown uncommon solidarity.

For those who wish to submit a financial donation, please find below the details of the dedicated accounts:


a) Lazio Region
Bank account: Regione Lazio per Amatrice e Accumoli
Number bank account: IBAN IT 60 P 02008 05255 000104428939
Postal account: Regione Lazio per Amatrice e Accumoli
Postal account number: 1034116671
IBAN: IT 42 H 07601 03200 001034116671
Additional information on the web page of the Region:…

b) Marche Region
Postal account: Regione Marche, Donaz. Favore Territori Marche Colpiti Sisma 24 agosto 2016
Account number: 1034116044
IBAN: IT-17-Y-07601-02600-001034116044
Additional information on the web page of the Region:

c) Umbria Region
Bank account: Regione Umbria
IBAN IT 32 R 0200803033000104429137
Reason: Regione Umbria sisma agosto 2016
Additional information on the web page of the Region:


a) Italian Red Cross in collaboration with the Italian Post:
Postal account: Italian Association of the Red Cross
IBAN: IT38R0760103000000000900050
Reason: “Poste Italiane con Croce Rossa Italiana – Terremoto Centro Italia”.
Additional information on how to contribute to the activities of the Red Cross, financially or with goods, are available on the web page

b) National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI):
Bank account: ANCI
IBAN: IT27A 06230 03202 000 056 748 129
Reason: Emergenza Terremoto Centro Italia
Further information on the activities of ANCI are available on the web page:

c) ARCI…/amb…/emergenza-terremoto-centro-italia/

d) Catholic Church…/V3_S2EW_CONSULTAZIONE.mostr

e) Confcommercio…