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Inauguration of the Cultural Association of the Italians in Uganda (CAIU)

On Saturday September 2, Ambassador Fornara hosted the presentation of the Cultural Association of the Italians in Uganda (CAIU) at his residence.
CAIU was inaugurated, thanks to the dedication and interest of a group of Italian parents who, with the support of the Embassy and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, have for many years been organizing an “Italian school” on Saturday mornings for children of Italian culture and nationality with the objective to promote Italian language and culture.
Through the years the school progressively became a point of reference for our community. With growing interest for initiatives aimed not only to children but also to young people and adults, the need to structure an association that promotes the Italian culture and traditions (both for the Italian community and for the wider local and expat ones) became evident.
CAIU comes therefore as a shared non-profit space where different activities, meetings and events can be envisaged. The following are among its main objectives:
1. promotion of Italian culture, traditions and language for the Italian community resident in Uganda;
2. training and the development of cultural relations with local and international bodies for the promotion of Italian culture and language;
3. cooperation with local institutions in organizing events in different fields (i.e. music, dance, art, cinema, theatre, architecture, cuisine, literature, etc.) in Uganda.
The Embassy welcomes the launch of the Association and counts on structuring with it a fruitful and continuous collaboration for the promotion of Italian culture and lifestyle (#Vivereallitaliana).
For more information:
-follow CAIU on facebook: @KampalaCAIU
-write to CAIU: