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The Italian Cultural and Culinary Week in Uganda (23-29 November 2020)



The Italian Cultural and Culinary Week in Uganda (23-29 November 2020)


The Embassy of Italy is pleased to announce that the Italian Cultural and Culinary week, organised under the high patronage of the President of the Republic of Italy, will take place in Uganda from 23 to 29 November 2020, in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, the Uganda Tourism Board, the Uganda Communications Commission and the Italian Trade Agency.

This year’s edition will be very special, since its activities will be mainly held online, some streamed live through the Embassy’s Facebook page, while others taking place entirely on social media. Different modalities for the same focus as always: the expression of the excellences of the Italian culture and cuisine.

On the culinary side, the special guest of the Week will be the Italian Celebrity Chef Francesco Mazzei (, together with the Chefs of the Consortium for Training, Innovation and Quality (CFIQ) of Pinerolo (Italy) in cooperation with EnAIP Piedmont region (who visited Uganda last year).

On November 16th, the Embassy will launch a social contest “Cook & Click. Be an Italian Chef for one day!”. It is a culinary competition on Facebook for amateurs and professionals on Italian dishes and recipes. Participants will be invited to post a photo / video of a dish cooked by them, chosen from an e-menu (for the Amateur category) or an e-grocery shopping list (for the Professional category). The Italian chefs from CFIQ will reply to the post making suggestions on how to best guarantee the Italian quality in the preparation/ presentation of the dish. Participants will have a chance to win numerous prizes.

On November 25th, an exclusive Master Classes will be organised. “From Chefs for Chefs: cooking Master class”, a professional master cooking class for tips and tricks on sustainable cuisine and the Mediterranean diet (registration needed by mail: Moreover, the students of the Uganda Hotel & Tourism Training Institute in Jinja will challenge themselves with the preparation of traditional Italian meals and sustainable cooking.

On the cultural side, on the 25th of November the Embassy will unveil a new initiative – through comic strip style graphics, the visual style chosen by the Ministry in Italy for youth outreach this year, to tell the tales of: “The city of Seven Hills”, one for Rome and one for Kampala. The two capital cities where more than one commonalty can be found, twining these great capitals and their sights and customs. The stories are about travel and discovery, the search for inspiration and the outcome reveals that both cities offer journeys that demonstrate how both the inhabitants of Rome and Kampala should be proud of their historical sights, their landscapes, their street food specialties and their skills on the motorbikes as they navigate their cities. The books, once published, will be used as comic style city guides, with touristic information about the two capitals.

On Thursday 26th, an Authentic Italian Dinner will be hosted at the residency of the Italian Ambassador, where the invited guests will have the chance to taste Italian cuisine and to listen at the music by the Italian band Ladri di Carrozelle “Wheelchair Thieves” (

On Sunday 29th (2.30 pm), a Special of the NBS TV show “Kitchen Kings Show” will be dedicated to the Italian cuisine.

To find out more about this special Week please go to the Embassy’s Facebook page @ItalyInUganda

A special thanks to our main sponsors:

City Tyres, Equatorial Power, Jumia Food, Sheraton Kampala Hotel, Uganda Airlines


Italian week comic book Kampala

Italian week comic book Rome